Hopewell City Courthouse  

The Courts Division is responsible for courthouse security and transportation of prisoners. Each Deputy assigned to the courthouse does their best at:

In addition to courthouse security and transportation of prisoners, this division assists the civil division in the service and processing of papers. On the days when there is no court these individuals serve civil papers ranging from jury summons to witness subpoenas.


Listed below are the telephone contact information for the Hopewell City Courts located at

100 E. Broadway, Hopewell, VA. 23860


Court Services (6th District) (804) 541-2311

Commonwealth Attorney’s Office - Hopewell (804) 541-2255

Commonwealth Attorney’s Office - Prince George (804) 733-2790

Magistrates Office - Riverside Regional Jail (804) 524-6600

Hopewell Victim Witness Services (804) 541-2352


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